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Y E A R L I N G  +  C O L O R

worsted weight, 140 yards


Our lovely Yearling yarn, in naturally dyed colorways utilizing Saxon Blue, Himalayan Rhubarb, Cochineal, Lac, Madder, Cutch and Logwood.


SAVE!  when you order bundles of the Cocoa colorway...a deep, rich natural brown and one of our softest the special price of $65 for 4 skeins/560 yards.  Need a sweater quantity?  Order the Double Bundle (8 skeins/1,120 yards) for $128!  Click on the color buttons to reveal the bundle options.


Yearling is a 3-strand single ply worsted weight yarn; the 3 strands are gently twisted together to create the illusion of a single ply but with greater strength.  Made from 85% wool and 15% alpaca, this is a soft and warm yarn with a bit of drape and a slight halo.


In designing this yarn we worked with the mill and requested that the multi-colored fleeces be only lightly carded in order to retain the individual colors rather than completely blending into a single neutral tone.  Every stitch on your needle will reveal a different combination of the various shades of the Shetland flock: white, grey, musket, and moorit.  


We offer a spectrum of skein-dyed colorways using plants and insects which have been part of traditional dye applications for centuries.  Overdying the varying Shetland shades results in brighter color on the highlights and a deeper shade on the darker details lending much interest to the color of this yarn. 



Lake - saxon blue (from indigo) sold out

Seafoam - saxon blue and himalayan rhubarb sold out

Fog - natural/undyed white and grey wool sold out

Cocoa - natural/undyed rich brown wool 

Magenta - cocineal, dark Back in Stock!

Rose - cochineal, medium  sold out

Blush - cochineal, light

Violot - logwood, dark sold out

Amethyst - logwood, light sold out

Rust - madder sold out

Ginger - madder and cutch, light

Sandstorm - cutch, light



Y E A R L I N G : worsted