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Y E A R L I N G  +  C O L O R

worsted weight, 140 yards


Introducing a new dark and moody palette for YEARLING, perfect for autumnal weather!


Made from 85% wool and 15% alpaca, Yearling is a soft and warm yarn with a bit of drape and a slight halo.  This 3-strand single ply worsted weight yarn; that merans there are 3 strands gently twisted together that create the illusion of a single ply yarn....but with greater strength.


In designing this yarn we worked with the mill and requested that the multi-colored fleeces be only lightly carded in order to retain the individual colors rather than completely blending into a single neutral tone.  Every stitch on your needle will reveal a different combination of the various shades of the Shetland flock: white, grey, musket, and moorit.  


We offer a spectrum of skein-dyed colorways using earth-friendly dyes and vinegar.  Overdying the varying Shetland shades results in brighter color on the highlights and a deeper shade on the darker details lending much interest to the color of this yarn. 



Y E A R L I N G : worsted