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Replace that synthetic STUFF with Wooly Fill!


Why use poly when you could use wool?  Our 2 oz bag will stuff a couple of small Waldorf-style critters; medium and large projects will need the 1 lb bulk bag of wool.  Wooly Fill can be used for needle or wet felting as well. Takes dye wonderfully!


We have an abundance of meat sheep in this country that produce millions of pounds of wool each year that is not suitable for clothing.  It is however, perfectly usable for crafting and other home products.  


We've collected waste wool from 3 farms in the Western MA Fibershed region.  We skirt the wool (which means remove the hay and other unmentionables) then had it washed and carded at Battenkill Fibermill just over the NY border.  The result is soft and fluffy; the downy fiber from meat breeds has a lot of spring which enables this wooly filling to hold its shape so your projects don't deflate. You will know this is an authentic Fibershed product by the few flecks of hay in each package.


Wooly Fill is available in the natural sheep colors of Cream or Grey; please note the grey 1lb option is currently out of stock.



Wooly Fill

PriceFrom $12.00
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