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Why use imported poly when you could use wool? 


These sponges and dish cloths are 100% wool,  lather well and always smell fresh.  The first few uses will result in further felting, making your sponge or cloth shrink just a bit and fit perfect in your hand.  Pair with a scrubby copper or steel wool pad for that more stubborn food residue.  Rinse, dry flat, reuse....for weeks or months!  Wash stains out with soap; pop in the dishwasher for an occasioal deep soak.  Compost if available.


These sponges and dish cloths are made from sustainable wool that is a renewable resource from farms raising lamb.  While these producers' main mission is to feed the people, we are happy to step in and put this wooly by-product to use.


We've collected waste wool from our local farms in the Western MA Fibershed region.  We skirt the wool (which means remove the hay and other unmentionables) then had it washed and carded just over the NY border.  You will know this is an authentic Fibershed product by the few flecks of hay in each package.


Choose Sponges or Dish Cloths - each come in packs of 2....either 2 Cream sponges, or one each of Cream and Grey...all natural colors!


FAQ : What is the difference between the Sponges and the Dish Cloths?

A : The sponges are a bit smaller and a bit thinner for people who like more of a dish cloth feel; the dish cloths are a bit larger and thinner.



Wool Sponges & Dish Cloths : 2 pack

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