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NEW!  Introducing The Dyer's Dozen.... 12 skeins of creamy white yarn ready for dying.  This is the virgin version of our DK weight Babe, a 2-strand single....Babe has the look of a single ply yarn with the added strength of 2 plies.  


All skeins will be tied loosely for dyeing; only the mordanted skeins will be twisted.


Notice in the photos how the yarn blooms from virgin to scoured to mordanted!


We offer a choice of:

Virgin : fresh from the mill, ready to be scoured and/or mordanted.  Skeined, not twisted.

Scoured : scoured in EccoScour and ready to dye with acid dyes or natural dyes that do not require a mordant, such as avocado.  Skeined, not twisted.

Mordanted : washed and mordanted in a cool water alum bath.  Skeined and twisted.








Dyer's Dozen : B A B E

  • DK weight, 2-strand single ply


    approx. 2 oz (60g) | 180 yards (165 meters)


    suggested needle : US 4-7


    fiber : 100% wool


    breed : romney cross 


    clip : 2021 


    fibershed : western massachusetts


    mill : woolen-spun in southern vermont


    color : skein dyed by you!

  • Hand wash in cool water with a gentle pH-balanced soap according to label directions.  Squeeze gently and lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight.  Shape to desired measurements; smooth stitches and align seams properly.

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