super bulky, varying yardage


Here in New England our small towns are a patchwork quilt of pastureland.  Now you can knit, crochet or weave a rug that captures that same lush feeling underfoot. This yarn works great for pillows and baskets as well!


Pasture is a core spun yarn; Perendale, Border Leicester and Texel wool is sourced from the rolling hills of Tanstallf Farm in Greenfield MA and wrapped around a core of natural cotton to create this strong rug yarn.


Choose from either Natural Cream or Shades of Grey.



P A S T U R E : super bulky

  • super bulky, core spun


    approx. 2 pounds 


    suggested needle : US 35 - 50


    fiber : 100% wool


    breed : perrendale | border leichester | texel


    clip : 2019 | 2020


    fibershed : western massachusetts


    mill : northern connecticut


    color : natural shades of white and grey

  • Hand wash in cool water with a gentle pH-balanced soap according to label directions.  Squeeze gently and lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight.  Shape to desired measurements; smooth stitches and align seams properly. Rugs may be shaken outdoors or vaccumed as needed.