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super bulky, approx 90 yards


Here in New England our small towns are a patchwork quilt of pastureland.  Now you can knit, crochet or weave a rug that captures that same lush feeling underfoot. This yarn works great for pillows and baskets as well!


Pasture is a core spun yarn; soft, springy, home grown wool is wrapped around a core of natural cotton to create this rug yarn.  This batch is spun from our own Shetland flock that grazes at the top of a lush pastoral landscape in Ashfield MA.


Choose from Natural Cream, Shades of Grey, or Shetland Black (dark chocolate brown due to the black sheep wool's tendancy to be bleached by the sun at it's tips).


This yarn works great for Purl Soho's Big Stitch Knit Rug or their Bis Stitch Crocheted Rugs; free patterns available here:




P A S T U R E : super bulky