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M E A D O W 

worsted weight, 120 yards


Made from fiber grown in the Southeast New England Fibershed Region, Meadow is 100% NON-superwash merino wool in a 3-ply worsted weight yarn that creates a bouncy knit with a nice amount of sheen.


This batch of Meadow has been dyed in gorgeous plant dyed shades that create their own muted pallette and pair amazingly with one another.


Note: Madder 01 is a super saturated true red; Sapponwood 01 is also a red but has undertones of pink.  Madder 01 will not fade but may run when washed....use cold-water soak only. 


Meadow comes to us from a bucolic farm in Rhode Island where sheep are raised for their pastoral beauty and handy lawnmowing skills.  This lovely fiber was not being utilized and so was collected by shearer Siri Swanson; we were happy to step in and purchase the fiber....making this a a win-win-win situation for farm, shearer and yarn lovers alike.



M E A D O W : worsted