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B A B E  +  C O L O R

DK weight, 180 yards


Our squishy, soft Babe DK is so beautiful in natural creamy white...but is also available in plant dyed shades and organically dyed colors using GOTS-certified acid dyes and vinegar.


Babe is a 2-strand single ply DK weight yarn; the 2 strands are gently twisted together to create the illusion of a single ply but with greater strength.


For this batch of Babe, we collected lamb's wool and other soft fleeces from Leyden Glen, a beautiful family farm in the northern hills of the Western MA Fibershed.  The farm's mission is to produce delicious high-quality endeavor that is more than a full-time job.  We were happy to be invited to shearing day where we could select fleeces that would make soft yarn, and also collected courser fleeces to use in other products such as our Wool Sponges and Wooly-Fill.   Babe is a warm, bouncy yarn from prancing Romney-cross lambs that becomes even softer once you knit with it!


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